A Roar for the Wild: The Cats Aren’t Trophies Interview on “Civics and Action”

This week on “Civics and Action,” we dive into a topic that is as controversial as it is crucial: Initiative 91. Spearheaded by the passionate team at Cats Aren’t Trophies, this groundbreaking initiative seeks to ban trophy hunting of mountain lions, bobcats, and lynx across Colorado. Initiative 91 isn’t just a piece of legislation; it’s […]

Voices of the Valley is Back!

In case you missed the live broadcast, host Audrey Singer is back with a new episode of Voices of the Valley! In this episode, local journalist and documentary filmmaker Mike Youngren discusses What Could Go Wrong, his eye-opening new video about the proposed Uintah railroad project. Listen to the interview here, and check out the […]

Colorado Gives Day

Dear Friends, KWSI 100.3 Radio, your community’s progressive radio station, is moving the conversation forward in the Grand Valley with over twenty programs about environmental, scientific, political, and social issues. Plus, KWSI provides public service announcements for local events and resources, and the station sponsors events like Western Colorado Alliance’s Mountainfilm on Tour (November 16), Restoration for the Future hosted by […]