Help Wanted!

KWSI-LP 100.3 Radio is a nonprofit community radio station run entirely by volunteers. Volunteers are needed for all aspects of the station’s business and radio operations. If you believe in the power of community radio, let’s figure out how to make you part of the KWSI team!

  • Board of Directors: determines mission and values of KWSI, raises funds needed for station operations, ensures compliance with regulations and mission 
  • Bookkeeping & Data Entry: tracking contacts, donors, finances
  • Financial Contributions: donating to KWSI
  • Fundraising: securing donations, grants, underwriting and planning events
  • Management: organizing, delegating, recruiting
  • Programming: selecting/reviewing programs, producing shows and public service announcements, operating automation system 
  • Promotions/Outreach: telling others about KWSI, producing station promotions for broadcasting, marketing
  • Social Networking: website, social media
  • Technology: radio engineering, radio automation, computers, radio equipment 
  • Youth Development: enhancing engagement of younger audiences, recruiting & mentoring student producers and program managers

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Why do you want to volunteer for KWSI-LP 100.3 Radio?

How can you help the station advance its mission? (See About Us for mission)

What skills can you contribute to nonprofit management or radio operations?

How much time can you contribute to the organization each month?

Are you willing to follow the policies and procedures of KWSI-LP 100.3 Radio?